3 Tips for Independent Filmmakers to Survive in the Entertainment Industry

To create new content is a very challenging task. From script writing to writing a book, to be able to create something that sways the audiences off their feet is hard. It involves a lot of creativity and hard work, and not everyone can do it. To be honest, mere talent doesn’t give a green light to new, independent filmmakers in the great entertainment industry. It takes more than talent to make it big – courage and strength to withstand all the storms of rejections and criticisms. Sometimes, these kinds of projects don’t connect with the viewers, only because the project lacked resources on the whole – tight budget and improper distribution. The entertainment industry does look fancy on the outside, but to be honest, it is a brutal place for independent filmmakers.

So, here is an article that will help young filmmakers to create content that will leave the audiences mesmerized:

(1) It is important to realize that film-making is not a one person job, and there is no such thing as a single person crew in this industry. To be able to create a good film, you need to make potential connections with people who are on the same page as you are. You need to find a productive approach to find people with passion and talent, and not just experience.

(2) It isn’t surprising to know that the industry has a very incoherent funding model, and all projects backed by wealthy, well known names tend to be noticed more often. But, you can’t let that bother you much. If you believe your project has the potential to make it big, then don’t let these money politics scare you. You can always choose the option of crowd-funding and finance your project directly through your audiences. It is also a great way to connect with your viewers and create your own fan base.

(3) Don’t believe in the rumor that to make a good, popular film, you’ll have to suck up to the rich and powerful in the movie industry. That is a myth that seems to rule over the entire industry. You can’t just make a good movie overnight, but a good movie needs years of hard work and sincere dedication. Begin with simple things – shoot a small scene with your friends, your family. These small things will turn into something that will move your audience. So, instead of sulking for attention for big industry giants, roll your reel and create something beautiful.


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