The 3 Ultimate Interview Hacks

Interview hacks

We want to give you access to the Interview Answers “Trick” that completely changed the game for us (and will for you too). Well, the wait is over. Here’s the deal. The only things standing between you and the job offer that you want (and deserve) are the pesky interview questions that the hiring manager is going to bombard you with. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had one simple formula that could unlock the secret to answering any interview question flawlessly? Of course it would. You won’t believe how badly I embarrassed myself in one of my interviews before I discovered these strategies. Read along below to get our expert strategies for answering any interview questions perfectly.

  • The very first question you’ll probably face when you sit in front of the panel-‘Tell us something about yourself.’ This question is pretty much the make-or-break quotient of your interview because if you manage to give the desired direction to your interview, you will sail on smooth winds, if not, you will land up in a difficult spot, trust me. So please know the best answer to this question: And better answers are what the interviewers are looking for.
  • What people forget is to study the company they are interviewing for and about the industry they work for. In fact it is equally important for you to know about all the previous companies you’ve worked for, and everything about the kind of job you used to do. It is also important to have knowledge about most of the popular trends in the market right now. If you fail to answer any of these questions, you’ll just be putting those interviewers in a very bad mood. Nothing irritates more than ignorance about one’s own job. So, do your homework properly!
  • It is common for candidates to make exaggerated claims in their resume. Now, unless you have perfect examples to everything you’ve written in your resume, it is better to be honest. Again, study you resume properly. You should be able to talk about the training you underwent about 10 years ago in college, if you have the audacity to mention it in the resume. You have to be accountable for everything you have mentioned in your resume – make sure you have certificates or signed bonafides as proofs. If you only do one thing to get prepared for your interview, this should be it!


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