Signs you Should Fire an Employee

fire an employee

With power comes great responsibility.

There will come a time, while leading a team or as a manager or as a CEO or even as small a post like project leader, where you have to take tough decisions. It’s part of the responsibility given to you. A team can only grow if there are no hindrances to growth. For that you have to become the bad cop sometimes and take that crucial step. Because when it comes to work, there shouldn’t be space for compromisation.

  • Low productivity

Working in a team can be tough and leading it can be even tougher. A leader has to always carry the whole team forward. Each member requires some personal attention, which is fine, but until a level. If someone seeks all your attention or the team’s attention, and is draining everyone’s energy then, their productivity is surely down. If there is no change in their productivity levels even after a few sessions then there is no point in continuing with such employees.

  • Worsening behaviour

The usual response of  an employee, when confronted for bad behaviour, is positive change in attitude and improvement in work. The dedication and passion of the employee towards the job can be clearly understood from the change in his or her manners. He or she will introspect the criticism received and work to turn it around, for they love their and want it.

But exceptions are always there. In this case these exceptions are the problem employees. Such people won’t pay any heed to the feedback. If there is no change their work ethics and it continues to deteriorate only,then it is a clear indication that you need to let go of this team member.

  • Customer complaints

The tertiary sector or the service sector is meant to cater to the customer needs only. Customer care is of utmost importance. So if you are receiving complaints from their side due to the actions or inactions of an employee then it is something that needs to be considered seriously. Because we answerable to someone or the other and these are our customers most of the times.

  • Low morale

This problem, can not only be for an employee, but for a whole team. A person must have joined the organisation in high spirits but soon the enthusiasm may die down. This fall in energy spreads amongst the co-workers too in the form of increased work load and a negative vibe of energy which is bad for the good health of the team.

  • Insubordination

A fresh perspective and new ideas are always welcome on a team. But tearing down all the previous work of the company and refusal to abide by the system of approach is something which is unacceptable. There are situations where employees simply refuse to cooperate, including putting up silly updates on websites to showing a relentless attitude towards customer demands. Not only is this a problem for other team members but bad for the image of the company too. Members bad mouthing about other members or their superiors are not the kind of people you want working on your team.


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