How to Train Your Customer Service Team?

Customer service team

Customers have the power to make or break your company’s reputation.  Praise for a company spreads through word of mouth but its opposite spreads like a wildfire. You hardly have a second chance to win back the heart of an unhappy and unsatisfied customer. Customers are gone forever once you lose them. It takes time to build trust but just a single stroke to destroy it all away. Same goes for customer satisfaction. It takes more than one occasion to please one but a single bad experience is enough to label the company bad. That is why customer care is so important. No one wishes to lose customers to their competition. Hence special teams are designed to cater to just customer needs although it is the responsibility of all employees to keep in mind the interests of the company and look after customer services with equal zeal and dedication if not more.

A customer service personnel needs a special skill set to be able to fulfill the needs of any kind of customer. He or she needs to be,


Good customer service personnel should have sound knowledge of the company policies and the services that they promise to provide so as to avoid and clear any misunderstandings that a customer might have with the company. And also to be able to make only those promises to customers that the company will be able to fulfill.


Every customer is unique and you cannot expect them to be clear in their expression of their discontent with the company. As a customer care service agent one should be able to pick up what the person on the other side of the line is trying to convey.


Not all customers will be in a good mood, some might be furious, some a bit talkative. What you need to maintain is patience with each and every one of them no matter how messy the situation gets.

Good with communication

This is a must for agents of customer care. They should be both able to catch the conversation of the customer and revert back as crisply and precisely as possible to avoid any confusion.

To instill these skills in your customer care team train them by giving sessions on a regular basis. But before that, analyze them on three parameters, that is, technical skills, knowledge and soft skills. Monitor them closely by hiring trained and experienced supervisors for the job. Give them regular feedback on their performance and note down their improvement, judging them on the basis of those three parameters. Make a note of points where improvement is required and tell them about it upfront. Give them sometime to work on their skills. Monitor their calls. After all learning is a gradual process and not something that happens overnight. In the meantime, conduct workshops on soft skills and technical skills. Keep them up to date with any changes that occur in the company policies.


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